Bedroom, Bed, Dresser, Night Stands, Lamps, Table, Rug, Dark Hardwood, Wall, and Floor It’s hard to take your eyes and mind off the Statue of Liberty, considering the current political landscape, but there’s also a bird's-eye view of the park’s voluminous tree tops. We forced ourselves to leave the comfort of our room and wander in Brooklyn Bridge Park, where we discovered Anish Kapoor’s public art installation titled Descension. The artwork is a thing of great beauty and strength that took our minds right back to political chaos. But we kept walking until we found Jane’s Carousel and witnessed a diverse sea of beaming toddler faces going around and around on brilliant and fantastic animals—a hope-restoring site.   Best Bedroom Night Stands Wall Dark Hardwood Dresser Photos from On the Waterfront: 
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge