Living, Standard Layout, Concrete, Rug, Floor, Recessed, Sofa, End Tables, Chair, Lamps, Table, and Stools The Dune House is a RIBA Award-winning home created through Living Architecture, a UK-based organization that commissions world-class architects to build holiday rental homes with an overarching goal of expanding the conversation of what constitutes good design. The home, which sits nestled among coastal dunes just steps from the sea, was designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects as a modern take on English seaside buildings. The roof—constructed to echo the style of local dwellings—features orange steel alloy, which reflects the changing colors of the surrounding landscape. The interior is flanked by banks of windows that overlook the sea and sky for a serene and immersive experience.  Best Living Lamps Stools Photos from 10 Modernist Beach Home Rentals to  Escape to This Summer