Spartan Plumbing
Many different things can go wrong with your property’s plumbing, but fortunately, our team is on hand to help you...
Larger Than Life Prefabs
It's a common misconception that all prefabs are spartan.
Tiny and Cozy Living Spaces
Small doesn't have to mean spartan. These compact dwellings manage to be both luxurious and diminutive.
Spare and Modern Danish Homes
Spartan yet cozy, Danish modernism is a thing to behold.
The 20 Most Popular Homes in Dwell
When compiling the list of the 20 most popular modern homes featured throughout Dwell's 12-year history, certain themes...
Maximal-Modern Spaces
All right, all right, we're known for showing our fair share of Spartan and spare minimalist homes.
Coffee Break: San Francisco’s Saint Frank
A recent addition to San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood, Saint Frank Coffee serves its brews in a geometrically...
Potrero Hill Residence
The owner wanted to convert their newly purchased drab property into a home with an elegant Spartan luxury aesthetic.
A vision of an archetypal little cabin in the woods—reinterpreted with a contemporary aesthetic and a sustainable...
Smart Small Spaces
The ingenuity of architects and design-minded residents is often best showcased in designs for homes with less than...
Casa H, Brussels
When it came time for Hernan Rios to renovate his apartment inside a 1968 Louis Herman De Koninck building, he reached...
Balanced Design Studio, Pawtucket RI
The idea for BALANCED DESIGN was formed as I walked the streets of Paris two weeks after 9/11.
Finnish Lines
Design enthusiast and Alvar Aalto expert Juhani Lemmetti has transitioned his love of vintage Finnish furniture into a...