Tiny Houses We Love
We've dedicated the pages in our November 2012 issue to living large in small spaces, whether they're 235, 900, or...
Modern A-Frame Houses We Love
Popularized in 1950s to 70s, the humble A-frame carries a distinctively retro-modern aesthetic and bears load in a...
Tiny Kitchens We Love
If you're short on kitchen space but big on design, never fear—the following 10 kitchens will help you fill your galley...
New York City Row House Renovations We Love
From Gowanus in Brooklyn to the Upper West Side, these nine projects show the breadth of creativity that comes with...
Tiny Cabins We Love
These off-the-grid retreats are bright, cozy and minimal, perfect for summer or winter getaways.
Water Features We Love
The term "water feature" seems almost lame compared to the possibilities it entails—from the cooling effects of...
Renovated Kitchens We Love
Serve yourself some kitchen design inspiration with projects from Oakland to Chicago.
Tiny Houses I Love
Tiny Houses, Tiny House Interiors, Living...
London Houses We Love
Friday marked the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.
Gabled Houses We Love
Here at Dwell, we're big fans of the gabled roof.
DIY Houses We Love
Whether a design exercise or something more substantial, these structures designed by their residents offer inspiring...
More Tiny Kitchens We Love
In the second installment of our series on tiny kitchens, we bring you space-savers in New York, Hollywood, Tokyo, and...
Small Beach Houses We Love
These seven properties show that when it comes to vacations homes, less can certainly be more.
Modern Danish Homes We Love
How the Danes do modern.
San Francisco Renovations We Love
From traditional cottages to converted garages, get inspired from these transformed Bay Area homes.
Home Offices and Workspaces We Love
Need to focus on work? These offices make us want to work from home.
Timber-Clad Houses We Love
Embracing a humble wooden exterior, each of these timber-clad homes communes with its natural surroundings.
Inventive Brooklyn Houses We Love
The most populous of New York City's boroughs, and the second largest in area, Brooklyn has no shortage of inventive...