za Design Studio
The za design studio Taipei office. Presenting the black & white. Infusion minimalism and pure space aura. Establish...
kuhinje za pokornog ili pirovac
koje boje kuhinje, zida, poda, stropa, materijali ... ?? gio ponti opuca žutu bez pardona !
A Family Salvages an 1880s Barn to Create Their Nearly-Net Zero Escape
With the help of Chicago-based architecture and planning firm Northworks, a family of four brought its vision of a...
This Net-Zero Residence Might Be the Greenest Home in San Francisco
A San Francisco architect erects a self-sustaining building in a dense urban neighborhood.
Net Positive Energy Barn
Super-insulation & solar for the Trustees!
Mosquito net windows
mosquito net windows are mostly used know a days as it work as a protective screens and protects our home from...
(Nearly) Net-Zero Homes
Hay insulation, passive solar, drought-tolerant gardens: Behold the following 7 houses from Dwell's pages that give...
Luxury Exclusive villas estate retreat Marrakech...
Works Architect Zoran...
A Custom Contemporary Net Zero Energy Luxury Estate
Designed and built as a Net Zero Energy home by 4th generation custom home builder Darko Borovnica of CORE Construction.
House of the Week: Nearly Net-Zero Prefab Installed in 29 Hours
Every week, we highlight one amazing Dwell home that went viral on Pinterest.