10 Best Dwell Studios and Modern Apartments

10 Best Dwell Studios and Modern Apartments

By Byron Loker
The well-worn saying that "size does matter" has never been truer in this age of shrinking resources and soaring costs. However, inhabiting a small apartment or studio shouldn't keep you from creating the home of your dreams.

Here is a quick sample of some renovations that have transformed small living spaces into comfortable and inviting apartments and studios.

Graham Hill's 350-Square-Foot Apartment

Graham Hill, a sustainability advocate whose TED talks have delved into the benefits of living small, put his own lessons into practice at his 350-square-foot apartment, which he shares with his partner and two dogs. Quick transitions, like drawing the FilzFelt curtain, convert the living space into a bedroom.

A savvy family of four manages to live comfortably in an under 700-square-foot East Village walk-up, thanks to a collection of custom, convertible furniture. In the living room, a drop-down table conceals a bookshelf when not in use. In another room, a desk transforms into a kid-size bed.

The kitchen is equipped with a custom Statuario marble countertop, shelf, and sink.

Eric Schneider and Michael Chen take in their space-efficient renovation. Small spaces don't necessarily need to curtail decoration. Interior designer Nicole Sassamanon added the finishing touches here.

In designers Nix and Novak-Zemplinski's 1,000-square-foot apartment’s open-plan kitchen, dining, and living space, almost everything is convertible. Cookbooks are kept in low "nesting" shelving, keeping the countertops free.  

An entire wall is covered with a dry-erase surface from Formica, where Parzyszek and his son Bartek can sketch.

Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser has all he needs in his compact, 580-square-foot Hollywood abode.  

In the kitchen, the custom cabinets contain special compartments that hide appliances from sight. The room draws in natural light from the balcony.

Architect Christi Azevedo, along with homeowners Lorena Siminovich and Esteban Kerner, transformed this 1,485-square-foot, multilevel, midcentury maze into a modern and efficient family home in just three months. "It was the craziest frickin’ thing," laughs Azevedo. "It was like a Tetris game, putting it all together, trying to squeak out space wherever we could." Purchased as if straight out of 1955, the home is now the ideal small space for Siminovich and Kerner to raise their young daughter Matilda.

With clever storage and a retractable skylight, a London apartment feels larger than its 576 square feet. The stairs lead to a sleeping loft outfitted with a mechanical skylight.


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