Writing Tips: How to Avoid Thesis Writing Problems

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By Arefin Rabby / Published by Arefin Rabby

Many students often miss out on proper research papers because of simple mistakes that can be easily avoided. These mistakes can either be corrected before a research is carried out or they can be regulated when the research paper is almost ready. 

Mistakes such as typos, poor sentence construction, and poor graphic presentations are options that can be corrected. Here are some professional tips that help me to avoid mistakes when I write my paper or in preparing research before presentation. 

 Organize your Work Properly 

If your paper is long you will need more time to prepare for it. This is especially important as many writers will drift from the main topic if a paper is long. In case you are poor at organizing your paper, use these simple key points to do just that. 

 • Make sure your thesis is clearly spelt out in one sentence. 

 • Think about the introductory part and keep it very concise. 

 • Give every paragraph a great outline that completes the aims. 

 • Use the goals/ objectives of the paper to stay focused and your thesis. 

 • Ask yourself if there is any logical progression of events too. 

 Support and Develop your Ideas

Without proper organization, there is a great chance that your thesis will lack proper support and development of ideas. Very short or very long paragraphs are clear indications that something is definitely a miss somewhere. Keep the following in mind. 

 • Use effective topic sentences. 

 • Keep your sentences and ideas related to the objectives. 

 • Use the first sentences to effectively summarize the entire idea conveyed. 

 • Limit the number of claims that you present. 

 • Give evidence to every claim that you make. 

 • Explain how the evidence you present supports your claim. 

Use Secondary Sources Effectively 

 Every resource you find from secondary sources should present meaningful insight to your paper.In case you present any obvious information you should consider attributing it or putting the information in your own words or per say highlight. 

 • Make sure your paper reflects deep understanding of your thesis.

 • Keep your quotations and attributions really short and concise. 

 • Spread your information across many sources not just one/two. 

 • Don’t overcrowd your material/ variables on a single paragraph. 

Avoid Excessive Errors

Simple mistakes will cost you dearly. You don’t want your paper to be full of typos. Typos are great turnoffs and will make your thesis to lack any meaningful flow. From plagiarism, grammatical errors, and many others use these tips to avoid them.

 • Read your paper over and over again 

• Ask someone to go through your paper too. 

 • Run your paper through any suitable application. 

 • Review your work on a personal level and make sure it’s clean. 


I often use many tips to write my thesis. Well these are some of them. However, using the best tips means learning every tip by heart; in case you want to have a great flow, you should consider talking to an expert to help.