Workstead Lighting

After designing a multi-arm chandelier for an architectural client (above), Highsmith and Brechbueler hit on the idea of selling off-the-shelf fixtures, as a sort of adjunct business. "We love the process of assembling the lights, tailoring the dimensions to each client's needs, and the general ease of developing a product versus the rigor of architecture," says Highsmith. "The lighting line has been a great way for us to change gears and work on something of a smaller scale that still embodies our core interests as designers—something that is elemental, linear, functional, and beautiful."

Like their chandelier, the desk lamp and wall sconce are crafted from repurposed hardware (joints made by O.C. White, the same company that first patented the joint over 100 years ago), plus new-cut steel and brass sockets. "The joints, originally intended for industrial workbench lighting in the 20th century, are now used to create a composition that is more modern in its form," says Highsmith.

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