'Woodstock Trees' by Sebastian Mariscal

Even more surprising is how effective this video is at conveying a real sense of space and movement through the house—something you can't really achieve with your more traditional blueprint or architectural rendering. It imparts a sense of what it will feel like to move through the space, from the entryway through to the living room, dining room, and a detached sleeping pavilion. It's atmospheric (complete with chirping birds, new age massage music, moving shadows) and almost cinematic, with slow fades between "scenes" and a steady pan through the wood-paneled living room, where a fire blazes in the concrete fireplace and a table light casts a warm glow on a weathered leather chair.

Here's the video:

I asked Mariscal about his goal in creating the video and he replied: "The video helps us better explain the spatial qualities of the project and more and more is becoming a design and presentation tool."

What do you think: Is this an effective presentation tool? If you'd hired an architect to design your house, would you find a video useful to further the conversation, and get a sense of what the final built structure would look like?

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