Wood lovers

Wood lovers

By Mad Lab / Published by Mad Lab

Wood as a raw material is fascinating, it exists in silence and brings warmth. 
It evokes the legend of the ‘tree of life’, where the four elements — air, earth, water and fire — converge. For this reason, it’s a material that, thanks to its different species, offers unique qualities that connect us to the essence of being human. The result of working with wood, if you let it speak it to you, is that you find yourself with an added value that’s very familiar to the user.
It also brings with it this affection that relates to the reptilian and oldest part of our brain, where stories about our original ancestors, Homo Sapiens, survive.The connection with the value of the material with what is made from this material anchors us to the essence of our being.
The main one is objects that are well made, well manufactured. We’re all for reclaiming the long-lasting object — the heirloom — as opposed to ones with built-in obsolescence.


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