10 Cozy Wood-Burning Stoves for Riding Out the Last Bit of Cold Weather

Wood-burning stoves aren't just for rustic cabins in the woods anymore.
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This timeless and energy-efficient heating system has worked its way into modern homes across multiple continents. Take a look at these 10 dwellings—each of which have been made exponentially more cozy with the help of a handsome wood-burning stove.

The architects designed the large dining table, which is framed by the open kitchen, the wood-burning stove, and the garden beyond.

To heat this small structure, Blee and Halligan installed a 17.75-inch-tall, 15.75-inch-wide, and 15.75-inch-deep wood-burning stove equipped with a built-in water boiler. The stove was built into an old doorway that was no longer needed. By wrapping the walls in sheet steel, Blee and Halligan made the area fire-resistant, and the warmth from the stove is amplified as it reflects into the room. Though it's handy in the winter, the stove-boiler combination is merely decoration in the summer: "It's so hot that we just bathe in the river nearby," Blee says.

This layout revolves around a central "campfire" that burns beneath a suspended mantel. Since it’s located at the access level, the fireplace's flickering warmth can be enjoyed throughout the house. The surrounding floor is covered with hexagon tiles cut from marble, which transition into tiles made of birch log in the rest of the house.

Anderssen & Voll’s F 305 stove has a flat top that allows for secondary functions such as cooking and baking.  

A Blu Dot Buttercup rocker and armchair sit next to the wood-burning stove set on a limestone slab from Stone City, Iowa—a city famously captured by the painter Grant Wood, who grew up in that area.

A Magnum wood-burning cookstove by Sopka provides heat.

A Rais Pina wood-burning stove keeps things cozy on the West Elm Henry sofa and Eames lounge chairs.

 Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.

A Cor-Ten steel panel tower that's been acid-oxodized and weathered over three years houses a wood-burning pizza oven at its base.

A wood-burning stove and hydronic and geothermal heating systems ensure that this residence is warm and inviting, despite its openness to the outdoors.


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