"White Chocolate Spiral Stair"

"White Chocolate Spiral Stair"

By NK Woodworking & Design / Published by NK Woodworking & Design
Stunning Floating Fiberglass Stairway

This dreamy fiberglass spiral stair is a bold statement of what can be achieved when exceptional artistry and craftsmanship meet modern function. It sits poolside and lakeside, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The glass reflects the cool grays and blues of the Pacific North West terrain, with soft floating lines evoking the swirl of a white chocolate truffle. 

 Owner of NK Woodworking & Design, Nathie Katzoff, designed this highly technical piece, in part, thanks to his background in boat building. He has an in-depth understanding of working in mixed materials, outdoor conditions and manipulating complex curved designs. He is driven by a passion to create a singular work of art with each of his designs, using quality materials and joinery that will last for generations to come. 

 Bill Thomas, President of the SMA (Stairway Manufacturers Association) says Nathie Katzoff is, "The most creative mind in stairs I have witnessed."

 The White Chocolate Spiral Stair has a fiber glass body with glass balustrade and brushed stainless steel handrails. An additional detail that may not be noticed right off is that this stair is a circular spiral at the base and becomes elliptical as it moves towards the top. The complexity of the design and variety of mixed materials and processes are all examples of the "anything's possible" approach at NK Woodworking & Design. 

 Please visit www.nkwoodworking.com for more stunning designs. 

Reflecting the cool grays of the Pacific NW


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