Where can I install solar?

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The power of solar is available for everyone to harness. It the oldest form of energy and will be there for much longer than you and I will be. Using solar energy is also a great way to reduce the pollution levels and it adds to the face value of your property. Whether your motivation is monetary savings, protecting the environment or just an investment, solar covers it all. You can install solar in an array of places to reap the benefits. 

 Let’s take a look at some of the places where you can install solar: 

 Where to solar systems – 

 Roof solar – Ideal place for households and smaller industrial and commercial spots to install a solar PV system is the rooftop. As a homeowner, you can install solar panels on the roof to set up the solar rooftop PV system. Setting up a solar system on your rooftop has several benefits, none more so than that you are utilizing the space that was barren so far. 

 Tower rooftop – Solar tower rooftops can maximize the trapped energy and provide benefits of clean energy to the buildings and commercial office spaces. Tower rooftops is a new concept and allows you to reduce operating costs. 

Ground mounted – Ground mounted solar PV systems are the most popular in India and are installed in case a large capacity plant is to be setup. This solar panel setup can be an alternative to rooftop solar installation. The ground mounted solution can be installed when a rooftop setup is not possible, with panels at a 30-degree angle. The frame comprises of steel or aluminum and is attached to the ground with concrete. Ground mounted solar panel is required where the rooftop space is not accessible or you have a good availability of exposed area. 

 Wall mounted – Solar panels can be wall mounted using an aluminum frame. The frame needs to be adjusted at 30-degrees on a horizontal area and approx. 60-degree on a vertical area. A clear benefit of wall-mounted panel is space optimization. 

 Open areas – Solar panels can be installed in open areas to harness the power of sun. In areas where electricity providers are unable to deliver services, large areas of land can be used to install solar systems. 

 You can find several such essential things that you should know before you go solar, in the Solar Essentials page on MYSUN. If you are looking to install a solar PV system for your home or commercial needs, contact MYSUN here. 



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