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By Stephen Blake, Bobby Gaza, Ethan Lance, and Paige Alexus / Published by Dwell
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We’ve been in beta quietly working on our new technology platform for the last few months—listening to your feedback, making improvements, and adding great new features. We're excited to share what we've built for you.

Our Backstory

First off, Dwell is not a startup. We’ve been a design leader for 15 years. When we set out to create our new platform, we wanted to do something very different. We didn’t want to just republish our magazine content on the internet. We wanted to change the way we think about media on the internet.

We wanted to change the way we think about media on the internet.

We have big goals for the future but what’s most important, is to have a solid foundation—something we can build on for years to come. We knew we needed to build our own technology from the ground up, custom built for our community and content. While we love technology, our core is about people. So we started there first. We started with a team that has built communities and technology platforms for Apple, Facebook, Path, Beats Music, Yahoo!, CNET, Whiskey Media, Vevo, and Samsung. Most importantly, we started with a team that believes in Dwell, who have been creating and celebrating amazing communities and content for over 15 years.

So what's our new special trick? What are we doing that's new?

It’s not VR, AR, or self-driving cars. It's content and community. Great content, and what we do with that content. Great community, and how we connect the community more deeply. Dwell has hundreds of thousands of incredible and timeless photographs and stories.  We believe the opportunity is to tell the story you can’t see just by looking at the photograph. With our magazine, there's only so much insight you can fit within an issue, so we leave a lot of the story on the cutting room floor. We get lots of questions about the photos in every issue: "What chair is that?", "Who makes that faucet?", "Where can I buy it?", "How did they come up with that idea?" We do our best to answer each and every question individually, but now, with the new Dwell platform, our readers, our editors, architects, designers, whoever, can ask questions, start conversations, and share information all within the photos themselves and across the platform. 

Now, every photo is a place for discovery and discussion. Just click on the photo to start a conversation.

Now, every photo is a place for discovery and discussion. Just click on the photo to start a conversation.

In the future, we’ll be able to answer: Can I stay at that house? Can I buy that house? Can I work with that architect or designer? With our approach to image tagging, collections, and community, we believe we're providing you and the design community the platform to connect, collaborate, and discover.

Ok, what now? 

We're just getting started, and this is a platform we can build upon together. You'll probably think of great features you'd like to see and we’d love to hear about them. Every two weeks, we’ll be rolling out fixes and feature upgrades. The platform will only get better, and together with you, we want to make Dwell the best platform for the design community to connect, collaborate, and discover inspiration through everything modern design.

We’re stoked to be here. Let’s build something great together.

Your feedback and requests are very welcome, so please send us an email at hello-feedback@dwell.com.

Stephen Blake


Design at Dwell. Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick.

Bobby Gaza


I live in #oakland.

Ethan Lance


Product Development at Dwell.com Ask me questions about Dwell. http://www.dwell.com

Paige Alexus


Content Producer & Blogger at Dwell

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