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By Stephen Blake and Ethan Lance / Published by Dwell
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Thank you for joining Dwell. We’re a community of architecture and design lovers.

If you are looking for advice and inspiration you’ve found the place. Keep reading to find out how we can help!

Ask A Question

The whole community is asking great questions. Anyone can ask and answer questions. The most useful answers get upvoted. If you have specific knowledge of a subject, feel free jump in and help out the community with your expertise. 

Homes & Photos

The community is cataloging every modern home in the world.  This is a group effort.  And we'll provide curation, selecting the best homes to feature.  We're making it easy to find inspiration, but also to find your next home or vacation rental.

For really great homes... our editorial team will write a feature about them on Dwell.com. Yep, some will even land in Dwell Magazine. So get to it, it’s easy. 

And all those amazing photos in each house will be discoverable through a fantastic section of Dwell where you can filter photos by types of rooms and materials. 

Find A Pro

We want to make this a great place for professionals and homeowners to find each other. So feel free to contact the professionals in the Dwell Pro list. Throughout the year we’ll be adding new features to Find A Pro that will benefit pros and homeowners alike. 


Shop is a curated selection of products from sellers we believe in. We only link out to trusted ecommerce stores. In the coming year you’ll see some new features in Shop, like the ability for anyone to post great products for sale - which we’ll then curate.

Thanks for joining! 

Feel free to email us at community@dwell.com 

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Stephen Blake


Design at Dwell. Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick.

Ethan Lance


Product Development at Dwell.com Ask me questions about Dwell. http://www.dwell.com

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