We Love Jaya Loves Tekeko

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By Sarah Rich
Somewhere between the fanciful beasts of Where the Wild Things Are and the hand-drawn charm of Marimekko, the characters in the children’s line Jaya Loves Tekeko find their place. Emblazoned on squishy pillows, soft baby blankets, and tiny onesies, the Japanese-inspired illustrations have both modern simplicity and childish vibrancy.

Jaya Loves Tekeko is a Miami-based brand that puts environmental and social responsibility high on the priority list. All of their products are made with organic cotton and bamboo fiber and dyed with phthalate-free water-based inks. The pillows are stuffed with kapok fiber and it’s all shipped in recycled and biodegradable packaging. What’s more, a portion of the company’s proceeds go to Planting Peace, an organization that does environmental and social work around the world.

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