Water filtration pitchers: Pur Vs Brita

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By Sim john / Published by Sim john
Water is one of the very basic needs of human. We need fresh air, clean water and food to survive on earth. So water is equally important as air. Each individual person require at least 50 litter daily for bathing, cleaning, cooking and performing many more household task.

However 70% of earth surface is covered with water but 97 percent water is available in seas which is salty water and not suitable for doing any task and neither useful for drinking as this water is salty and contaminated. Drinking contaminated, impure and polluted water make us ill. It can cause us various diseases like guinea worm disease, cholera, typhoid, Dysentery and many other diseases too.

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water filtration pur

water filtration pur

Water Filtration Pitchers:- 

Water filtration is the only effective and trusted way to remove the impurities from water and ensure its quality is safe for drinking. Water filtration pitchers are a cost effective way to reduce your expenditure spend on bottled money. These pitcher has inbuilt filter which are able to reduce chlorine, zinc and all other impurities from water. 

Pur Vs Brita:-

 So as we are talking about water filtration pitchers, the fight between Pur vs Brita is on level as both are know to be the two most trusted brands that offer water filtration pitchers. Both are the highly trusted name in field of water filtration pitchers but they both some differentiation. So if you are thinking as which from the above two are best just read the below and you can find out which brands you will go for. 


Finding and removing impurities from water is a main task of any filtration process. In filtration process both the products are found highly effective yet there is minor difference between their performances which I would like to explain here. Pur has capacity to remove 97% percent of chlorine, while Brita can eliminate 97% impurities. Pur claims to be more effective at reducing the usual heavy metals as well as bacterial cyst. 

Design and Durability:- 

 Both the filtration pitchers are quite stylish and very fine in their shape, Design and quality. Pur got clear edge so it becomes easy to keep this filtration pitcher in refrigerator. While those who are using Brita, complaint many time that dispenser is getting leaking 

Price of both:- 

 Price is off course a main consideration of many of us while purchasing anything. Pur is considered a cheaper option as compared to Brita. 

Many customers has used both the products and its has found that Pur is more effective in removing impurities from water. The prices of both products are almost in same range however Pur is slightly cheaper.

Which water filtration pitcher you should buy?

 Before buying a filtration pitcher you should concentrate on how many contaminants a water filter can remove. And Pur has double filtration so it’s expected to give more purified water as compare to Brita. 

And second thing you need to remember is that Pur can remove 13 contaminant and Brita can remove 6 contaminant.

But there some other features which changes from model to model, like type of filter, capacity etc. so before paying for anything just ensure that you are buying a product according to your need. You should also give a proper value to other customer’s experience regarding the product.

Final verdict:- 

As compared to all of the features and specification I would say that Pur is the right choice as it has more filtration capacity and stages compared to Brita. While it is also cheaper to Brita so I would like to say a yes for Pur.