The entire house is marked by dramatic changes in color: Though the walls are white, the floors and ceiling swap tones, and pink fluorescent lights give way to a lavender bedroom ceiling. The domestic spectrum culminates in the orange floor and curtains of the rooftop penthouse—–proving that even diamond-plate steel and ventilation ducts, given some Safecoat paint, can be made as colorful and warm as a kindergarten.  Photo 12 of 13 in Village People
Lawrence Weiner sits at his daylit desk. The bare walls are perfect for tacking 

up new projects, and the steel ductwork gives the space an industrious feel.  Photo 1 of 13 in Village People
The Weiners put Kalwall translucent panels to good use on the home’s back wall, bringing daylight in without the use of glass windows. Although Kalwall panels can look slightly institutional in cloudy light, the results are often golden, as here.  Photo 13 of 13 in Village People
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