Valentine's Giveaway from PACT

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By Aaron Britt
As a Valentine's Day treat to our faithful readers, we're teaming up with PACT, purveyors of fine, design-minded underwear and fellow San Franciscans to give away (ooh la la) a dozen pairs of rather groovy underwear. On the line today is a year's worth of PACT gear: one new pair of underwear (you choose the cut and design) each month for a year. Be the 14th person to send email to and you'll have the best britches in town.

The organic skivvies made by the PACT crew both boast strong prints and design—Yves Behar and the English architect David Adjaye have both designed patterns for them—married with a winning social agenda.

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Cute bikini underwear from PACT's Forest Ethics collection.

Cute bikini underwear from PACT's Forest Ethics collection.

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Each pair of PACT panties, trunks, or briefs sees money go to a variety of environmentally minded charities. Beneficiaries include Oceanea, Forest Ethics, Green Belt Movement and others. So should you have tired of wearing your do-gooder cred on your sleeve, you can still sport it below the waist.

Though certain prints go specifically to help certain causes, if you're more of a panties purist, PACT offers a handful of plain colors as well. Red, we think, might make sense at this juncture. Thanks to PACT for teaming up with us, and may your Valentine's Day bring you a special in thrill putting on those underpants as well as in taking them off.