Valentine’s Day 101: A Guide for the Romantically Challenged

Valentine’s Day 101: A Guide for the Romantically Challenged

By Parachute
Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that feels kind of forced—but you’ve got to go for it anyways! If V-Day planning isn’t your strong suit, don’t feel badly. As always, we’re here to help.

This guide covers everything from the best gifts to the worst flowers, so relax, shave and change your sheets for good measure.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel 

There is no place for skydiving on Valentine’s Day. No amount of creativity can touch the holy trinity of flowers, candy, and dinner. 

Reservations, Reservations, Reservations

Are you the spontaneous type? Planning to meet your date at 7:00pm on Valentine’s Day and then "grab a bite" somewhere? Sorry, but the only thing you’ll be "grabbing" is your rumbling stomach, when you realize every restaurant in town has been booked since January. Plan ahead.

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Don’t Plan a First Date on Valentine’s Day, you Masochist 

A first date on Valentine’s Day is way too much pressure. Even The Notebook-era Gosling and McAdams could not have handled that. Go out another night. Literally any other night.

Flower Basics (Part I): What to Avoid 

Everyone likes flowers. (Well, everyone except those who think flowers are pointless because "they’re just going to die in a week," but you shouldn’t be with a downer like that anyway.) However, not all bouquets are created equal. So, for the botanically-challenged among you: avoid carnations and baby’s breath, which florists have been jamming into the bouquets of clueless but well-meaning lovers since the dawn of time.

The Bouqs Company All the Rage Bouquet
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The Bouqs Company Vibrance Bouquet
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The Bouqs Company Magnetic Bouquet
This floral assortment contains sunflowers, roses & spider mums. Go ahead. Let it pull you in. This inviting mix of bright sunflowers, soft roses, and intriguing spider mums creates a refreshing look you can't get away from.

Flower Basics (Part II): What’s In

The cool look in flowers now is a little wild. BloomsyBox’s bouquets are a perfect example, with their "I picked these from that pasture by the lake" vibe. BloomsyBox actually makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. It’s an environmentally friendly, farm-to-table flower subscription service that you can give for 3, 6, or 12 months. If this is your third date, however, we say skip it—you don’t want to give a Valentine’s Day gift that might outlast your romance.

Flower Basics (Part III): Are red roses cheesy or romantic? 

Trick question! Red roses are cheesy AND romantic. Meaning, bring ‘em on. Nothing is corny on Valentine’s Day! One important caveat: Give your date either a single red rose (sexy) or a dozen red roses (decadent). Anything in between says, "I couldn’t afford a dozen."

Beyond Chocolate 

If you want to get your partner a present-present for Valentine’s Day, opt for something that arouses the senses, like jewelry, perfume oil, a super soft bathrobe—oh, wait! We’ve got that.

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Bring it, Even if You Haven’t Brought it in Years 

If you’ve been with your partner for years, Valentine’s Day may be less than bodice-ripping at this point. But how about, this year, getting a little bit romantic? Wash up, go out to dinner—and talk about happy things instead of work/politics!

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