Using Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain for Perfect Tiled look in Kitchen

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By Rati Devi / Published by Rati Devi

Sintered porcelain worktops are perfect to give a lush, old-world charm to your kitchen. They can also impart an ultra-luxurious look. The best thing about them is that they’re highly durable and extremely resistant to both heat and cold. Are you planning for a kitchen makeover or refurbishing your property? Check out these five trendy looks for any kitchen with ceramic and porcelain worktops.

The idea of using ceramic and porcelain may seem outdated in contemporary kitchens. However, there are a few new and revolutionary porcelain and ceramic based products in the market.

The best interior designers are embracing these new porcelain products and incorporating them for modern, chic looks. The best feature of these classic materials is that they are durable and can sustain the wear and tear of everyday use. They aren’t affected by UV rays which make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing architects, interior designers and property developers with a brand new surface that enables them to supply beautiful worktops to terraces, balconies and patios as well as kitchens and external facades.

Before you dismiss these materials as retro and/or old-fashioned, please read this article for inspiration on how to fit them in any property be it modern, classic or contemporary.

1. Go in for a Country Kitchen Look

Ceramic tiles and porcelain countertops help you create a warm, inviting and rustic ambiance for your kitchen. You can choose earthy shades like terracotta and browns, to create a country look. Pattern tiles with motifs like birds, fruits, flowers add a whimsical touch and lend a unique charm to your place.

When these design elements are combined with sleek cabinets, your kitchen truly becomes the soul of your entire house.

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2. Brick Tiled Worktops

Brick styled tiles are in trend now. So, why not make use of them for your kitchen worktops? These tiles are available in both porcelain and ceramic. When paired with coloured grout, they give a vibrant look and feel and make the space, feel airy.

You can choose a contrasting grout to give a splash of colour to your kitchen. They can even be used on walls and floors, to give a seamless finish.

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3. Natural Stone Worktops

Natural stone has been in use for kitchen tops for centuries. It is extremely strong and can withstand heavy impact. You have to keep in mind that some natural stone types are better than others when it comes to the different types of applications in which they are suited for. As an example, limestone tiles get stained easily. For this reason, limestone isn’t a stone recommended for applications such as kitchen worktops or commercial premises that require pristine surfaces at all times. Choose natural stone looking materials in a ceramic or porcelain finish, to prevent stains. You would be surprised to see how realistic these surfaces look nowadays.

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4. Modern Porcelain Countertops

Neolith porcelain is an excellent choice for modern mosaic worktops. They are made with high performance in mind and can sustain the impacts of busy lifestyles. They are an excellent choice for families with children. At 3200mm in length, they rarely require joints and give a seamless look to your kitchen worktops.

They not only impart a contemporary look to your kitchen, but they work with all colour schemes since they are available in a wide spectrum of colours, shades and patterns. Neolith, commonly used for worktops can also be used on your floors and walls, to give a unified look to your kitchen.

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5. Ultra Luxurious Look with Glazed Tiles

You can glam up your kitchen with glazed ceramic and porcelain worktops. Glazed tiles are highly durable and can withstand both knives and heat. However, cutting boards are recommended. Not because of damage to the tiles but for your knives.

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Grout need not be your Foe

One of the reasons as to why people have in the past been reluctant to choose tile materials for worktops is that of grout. Neolith and Dekton worktops come with butt jointed seams (if necessary on surfaces over 3.2 meters in length) and resin matched joints with products made by the same manufacturer of the slabs which makes ugly joints a thing of the past.

Porcelain worktops and/or tiles needn’t be old-fashioned. Choose from a huge range of ceramic and porcelain worktops and find the perfect colour palette to match your home and flaunt your kitchen proudly.