Unlocking Security Doors in Emergency Situations – Try This

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By Harry Caesar / Published by Harry Caesar
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To keep our house protected from unwanted access and thieves, a good security door is required. We tend to find the best security locks and doors to keep our house, belongings and family protected from the thieves. However, some times, the security locks are so strong that operating them becomes even difficult for us too. As a result,we become the victims of locked security doors and have to call an expert to open the locked doors.But, here are a few ways that would help you to open locked security doors on your own. What are those? Have a look. 

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 1. Use Bump Keys 

A bump key is the one which fits into the lock of the security doors but does not open the door without getting fitted into the correct pattern of the lock. The bump key is very handy and can be very useful to open a soft lock, or the lock of an old door which hasn’t been operated since long time. If you want to purchase the bump key, then there are many online stores and lock stores, where you can find these. To open the lock via bump key, just take a sharp iron metal stick and start trying to unlock the door lock Now, take out the bump key and find the marks on the key. Further, shape it up with the help of the iron metal stick to give it the shape of the cut. Do it a few times and your key will perfectly get into the accurate shape and by using this key, you can open the locked door. 

2. Using a Pick Set 

A pick set is a set of stick like tools which aren’t easily available for the common people because of its hazardous nature. However, the pick set are considered to be the best to unlock the doors with the help of little techniques. Inserting these tools inside the lock or around the sides of the door can help you to unlock the doors as if you’re using a key to unlock it. The pick set sticks are quite sharp, thus it is advisable to use them safely. 

3. Credit Cards 

This is one of the most popular and common ways among the people for unlocking the security doors because it do not take major efforts to unlock the security doors. However,because of the advanced technology, unlocking the doors with credit cards has become impossible. You can unlock the door by inserting the credit card in the little space between the door and the wall and try to make efforts continuously to open the door knob. The credit card will slowly swipe on the lock and let the door open. Depending on the lock, this technique works helps works sometimes and other times it is a total failure – depends on the lock you are using. 

4. Brutal Force 

In any emergency, the best aid to unlock a security door is by banging it hard. You must push the door forcefully in order to rip the doors for opening the security doors. If you’re not strong enough or less in stamina then avoid doing this technique as it can be dangerous to you. However, if you’re fit and strong then give it a nice kick in order to break the security doors lock. 

It can be dangerous to people who are less on strength and endurance. But if you have the right body to exert pressure on the door and give it a nice kick so that the door lock break you can surely go for brutal force on the security door.

Security doors are meant for your security but in emergency, you need to get it unlocked by all means. In such situations, you can try any of the methods mentioned above. Make sure you are updated with the complete procedure to unlock the security doors accurately.