Ty Pennington's Tips for Healthier Living

On health and safety:
"Your home should be safe and secure, a place that protects not only your possessions but also keeps your family healthy. From the foundation, to the insulation, to windows, water filters, climate control, and clean air, your home should be a place where you breathe a little easier."

On technology:
"Our homes today can have more function than the homes of the past. All the new advanced technology, be it green or Electronic Age, really can make our dwellings 'Homes of the Future' now."

On sustainability:
"Not only can our homes be good for our busy lifestyles, they can be good for the planet. A home of the future also needs to be smart, with products and technologies that make it weather-and storm-resistant as well as extremely energy-efficient."

On renovation: 
"As homeowners continue to embrace DIY projects, it is amazing to see what people are doing to their homes to improve their individual needs and interests."

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