Top Tips for Designing the Office
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Top Tips for Designing the Office

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
Of course, a little decor is great while on vacations, but it's the rigors of your day to day work routine that can benefit the most from a little sprucing up for efficiency and inspiration. There are plenty of creative and cunning ideas being applied in small businesses everywhere, so ideas abound. The following article features copious information of how you can set up your business environment for a little success.

1. Let in the Natural Light

You would be surprised how much of the creativity and inspiration of your work environment is a direct effect of the lighting in your room. Have you ever heard the workplace referred to as a "dungeon", it's all in the poor lighting. Face it, if you are cooped up in an indoor environment all day long, a little nature would be a huge benefit. Natural light not only makes us more alert and attentive to the work at hand, according to studies natural light can improve our lives beyond the workplace as well. This can be effectively applied to a workplace by considering the amount of windows should be included in each room.  Check out these great tips on lighting from Noam Kroll.

2. Cultivate that dull Buzz 

Density is an important thing for saving space and improving the work environment. Think about sitting down to eat at a restaurant, when another group sits at the next table, you will instinctively lower your voice till the dull mutter of the restaurant provides enough privacy for regular conversation. The same hold true for the office workspace, everyone can talk and interact freely because the buzz provides privacy. 

 3. Mix up the fixtures

If you are working with an existing plan that won't allow for many windows, considering enhancing your limited natural light with strategically placed fixtures as well. This will provide a more versatile lighting plan and more versatility in the workplace too.

It's true, natural lighting can be too harsh if it is your sole source of lighting, sometimes some direct lighting can make work and the lighting effects of the room in general more functional. 

Be sure to counterbalance this with plenty of indirect light that will make working on computer screens less of an eye-sore. One good idea is to build a wall of parallel lights along the worker's line of site, this will keep the glare off computer screens. You could also position the lighting features along the windows for a more natural feel to your lighting.  

4. Hide Clutter

If your office space is cluttered, people’s minds will also be cluttered – it’s just that simple. Utilising smart, space saving furniture is a wise idea here as it will cut down on a lot of the mess. Wires are also a possible issue and can look very unsightly. Using cable ties to bunch them together can limit the damage. Ideally, using a cable management floor, like this one from Netfloor USA Cable Management Access Floor, helps a lot. It can really keep this sort of clutter to a minimum and change the feel of the space.   

5. Brand Your Space With Objects

Make your workplace a symbol of production and brand culture by strategically placed icons here and there. Here are some cool ideas from Garrett Specialities

6. Above All ...Comfort is Key

Last but in no way least, you need comfortable employees if you want maximum production.

Employees need space to be comfy and functional. Try to allow for a full 70cm between other desks and walls for easy mobility. If you are especially pressed for space, replace the stack of drawers with a set of drawers above the desk. Arrange desks in a way that they can get a good spot next to a window where a tree or fountain provides a stretching for the soul. There is hardly anything as depressing as staring at a blank wall.  

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