Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sensational Fireplaces

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By Samantha Daly
Whether they're decorative or functional, these fireplaces and stoves crank up the heat on modern design. Take a peek at some of our editor's favorite homes from the Dwell community that make getting cozy look cool.

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1. Ruvigny Gardens

Architect: Syte Architects and Oliver Barsoum, Location: England, United Kingdom

From the architect: "The brief was to create comfortable, warm space for living, and to avoid a cold, clinical aesthetic. This was achieved by carefully choosing a complementary palette of materials, such as brick, glass, and timber." 

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Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sensational Fireplaces - Photo 1 of 5 -

2. Zen Light

Architect: Barrett Studio Architects, Location: Boulder, Colorado

From the architect: "Zen Light is a home that reflects the balance of the individuals who inhabit it. Yin and yang counter-folded gestures are repeated at different scales throughout—notice the roofline, the kitchen island, and the fireplace as examples. It is a house that balances warm and cool tones, metal and wood, architecture and landscape." 

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sensational Fireplaces - Photo 2 of 5 -

3. Caney Fork Cabin

Architect: Ryan Thewes Architect, Location: Lancaster, Tennessee

From the architect: "This modern weekend cabin was designed for a couple along the Caney Fork River in Tennessee. By raising the living area slightly higher, we were able to capture views of the river. The clients were very interested in green design and off-grid living. The house utilizes many reclaimed materials, such as the metal siding, some interior wood features, and repurposed insulation in the walls." In addition to the living room, the home's screened porch also has a suspended fireplace.

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sensational Fireplaces - Photo 3 of 5 -
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Malm Fireplace
Malm Fireplace
Located in Sonoma County, California, Malm started as a sheet metal manufacturer in the 1950s. Some of the original employees dabbled in making fireplaces on the weekends, and turned their weekend hobby into a full-fledged business.
Eva Solo FireGlobe Fireplace
Eva Solo FireGlobe Fireplace
Nothing is cosier than gathering around a bonfire with its beautiful flames and intense heat, and with the decorative FireGlobe fireplace, it is easy and safe to light a fire directly on the patio or elsewhere in the garden.
EcoSmart Fire Igloo Fireplace
EcoSmart Fire Igloo Fireplace
The cool way to warm up contemporary interiors. The distinctive design of the EcoSmart Fire Igloo Fireplace includes a bioethanol burner in a brushed stainless steel shelf that appears to be floating in mid-air.

4. Brightwood Cabin

Architect: Scott | Edwards Architecture, Location: Mount Hood Village, Oregon

From the architect: "In form, this cabin is a simple bar of cedar and glass running along the length of an old logging road. Anchored into the hillside, a sweeping concrete wall serves as the main organizing spine to the home, holding back the earth. The public and private spaces are separated by a double-sided, board-formed concrete fireplace. The client’s love for the ritual of making campfires for warmth and gathering is expressed in three unique locations: the main hearth, a small wood stove, and an exterior fire pit surrounded by the forested landscape."

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sensational Fireplaces - Photo 4 of 5 -

5. Columbine Residence

Architect: BLDG.Collective Architecture + Design, Location: Denver, Colorado

From the builder: "A remodel of an 1890s Victorian in Denver creates an open plan with a new kitchen that combines a fresh, modern palette with an ode to the richness and beauty of the older architecture." 

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sensational Fireplaces - Photo 5 of 5 -

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