Top 5 Homes of the Week With Outstanding Outdoor Spaces

These porches, patios, and courtyards have us green with envy. Take a look at our editor's top picks of the weeks with outdoor areas that have incredible views, stunning gardens—and that, above all, encourage relaxation.

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1. Penthouse Apartment in Bielefeld

Architect: Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller, Location: Bielefeld, Germany

From the architect: "The former factory building was converted to an inner-city living space in 2000. A total of 51 living units with various layouts were created, [and] a further level to the tower was added [which] purposely stands out from the existing building."

2. The House on Drolet Street

Interior designers: Dominique Jacquet and Anne Sophie Goneau, Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

From the interior designer: "[The house] has been designed around a central courtyard, which acts as a huge skylight and captures natural light and spreads it strategically into the adjacent rooms. The white color acts as a reflective surface and complexifies light effects."

3. SF House-Tech-Art-Play

Architect: building Lab, Location: San Francisco, California

From the architect: "Tailor made for a young professional couple's lifestyle, the house serves multiple functions as dwelling, work stations, artist studio, as well as entertaining venue." 

4. Fall House

Architect: Fougeron Architecture, Location: Big Sur, California

From the architect: "The house's two main façades express both shelter and exposure. On the north, clear expanses of glass reveal ocean and coastline views; long strips of translucent channel glass dapple the light, playing on the sea's shimmering surface. The south façade, clad in copper, which wraps over the roof, is mostly enclosed, offering a retreat from the forces of nature. Roof overhangs on the east and west protect the windows and the front door from the harshness of sun and wind."

5. The Greenhills House

Architect: Turn Design, Location: Portland, Oregon

From the architect: "A creative family of five wanted to build a functional home that catered to their teenaged kids while also giving the owners an adult retreat with entertainment-ready living areas. The home was designed with a 15° bend at its center, helping it conform to the lot characteristics while also enveloping the outdoor decks. The south and east rooflines cantilever dramatically, helping shade the windows in the summer."

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