Top 5 Homes of the Week With Remarkable Reading Nooks

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Remarkable Reading Nooks

One of our New Year’s resolutions? To read more. If we had reading nooks like these in our homes, our noses would be buried in a book until spring. Browse some of our editor’s top picks of homes with tiny getaways where you can finish that stack of books on your nightstand.

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1. Delaware

Architect: Ben Homes, Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

From the architect: "The Delaware house is sophisticatedly simple, with features that tie into the old downtown neighborhood that it is located in. The interior is bright and open, with a sloped glass roof that fills the home with natural light throughout the day and views of the stars at night." 

2. Villeneuve Residence

Architect: Atelier Barda, Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

From the architect: "An office space was created in the entranceway. When the space is being used in the evening, it accentuates the cinematographic framing of the large front window, evoking the painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper."

3. 61AMR

Architect: WIDGER Architecture, Location: London, England, United Kingdom

From Leibal: "These spaces have undergone a transformation into bedroom and studios that creates calm and serene interiors. The design approach took the existing forms, folds and edges and not only improved but also embraced them, attaching new complementary angular forms alongside."

4. Nir Am House

Interior Designer: Shir Shtaigman, Location: Nir Am, South District, Israel

From the interior designer: "The house was designed in an industrial, minimal and modern look, with the use of natural and raw materials such as concrete, metal, and wood. The house's second floor is designed in a lofty kind of look, and features a master bedroom, kids room, bathroom and a cozy multi-functional gallery which contains a TV area, workspace, reading/hazing window spot, and a chill zone."

5. Wellfleet Modern

Architect: ZeroEnergy Design, Location: Wellfleet, Massachusetts

From the architect: "The clean building form and uncomplicated finishes pay homage to the modern architectural legacy on the outer Cape. Placed at the western end of the entry level (where it can retain privacy but still claim expansive downhill views) is the master suite with a built-in study."

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