Tips to Choose the Best Mattress to Suit Your Lifestyle

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Tips to Choose the Best Mattress to Suit Your Lifestyle

To get the best mattress, you may need to choose from various options of mattress on the market. Besides, you also should choose the best one that will be suitable for your need. It doesn’t matter to purchase a mattress by spending thousands of dollars since you can get the advantages from what you have paid.

A mattress generally can last up to 10 years of usage, so the materials should be high quality and durable. When you find more than one thousand dollars of price, it is ok to negotiate the salesman to get some discount or extras like sheets, frame or pillow. Some tips below may help you choosing the best mattress based on your lifestyle; sleep style, body type, etc. 

For the Side Sleeper 

In this sleeping style, you need a mattress that can relieve the pressure or support your body weight, so your body shape can be conform. The most pressure relief can be gotten from a mattress with cushy memory foam or fluffy topper. Meanwhile, the firm mattress gives least pressure. The innerspring mattress is the type to choose to get more pressure relief compared with latex or foam mattress. You can test the quality of the mattress by trying to lie on the mattress before purchasing. 

 For Stomach Sleeper  

For those who love sleeping on stomach, the best mattress type you should choose is the one that has firming top surface. It will support your body well and make your sleep more comfortable. Choose air mattress, dense innerspring mattress, or latex mattress as the best choices to get firming surfaces. 

 For Back Sleeper 

For those who always sleep on your back, you need a mattress that can both support your body well and keep the healthy alignment of your spine. Be happy because you can have many options of mattress types. However, you also should choose and try to find the best mattress for you

For Those who have Much Moving Sleep Partner

If you have a sleep partner that always have much movements every night, then choose mattress with good motion isolation such as memory foam mattress, pocketed coils mattress, or air mattress with dual chamber. However, this type of mattress will not very comfortable for those who are restless sleepers even the movements will not be very annoying anymore. If the air mattress doesn’t quite comfortable, then you should add a topper on it.

 For Those who Need Cooler Mattress   

If you often feel hot while sleeping, then latex or foam mattress may not be a great idea, especially if the mattress make you sinking inside. Choose a fiberfill-topped mattress with innersprings. It will also be a great idea to choose mattress with removable fiberfill topper. It will be breathable and washable to give cooler feel. 

For Allergy Sufferer 

Those who have allergic, latex and foam mattress can become the best choices for it is antimicrobial and also dust mites and mold resistant. If you plan to choose air or innerspring mattress with fiberfill topper, then make sure that they are resistant to allergen too.

 Confused about what to Choose? 

You don’t have to worry or confused about what mattress to choose best. There are many great manufacturers that produce mattress in hybrid style today. They combine the flexible mattress that has innerspring inside with the memory foam that less of motion. It is great if you can choose mattress that can be perfect for your sleeping style as well as comfortable for your sleeping partner in the same time. However, a perfect choice must come together with high price. So, prepare the bucks to get the best mattress as you need.   

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