Tips For Selling A House On Instagram

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
There's no shortage of popular social media platforms on the internet right now, and the likes of Facebook and Twitter are only the tip of the iceberg. There are others that are often overlooked, especially once you consider their popularity with younger generations. The most glaring example is undoubtedly Instagram.

Instagram has well over 100 million users, and it offers a simple interface where you can upload and share pictures instantly on your smart phone.

Many millennials (and thus, prospective new homeowners) gravitate towards Instagram above many other platforms these days. Its sole feature is in hosting photos, meaning any entity or business hoping to show off something like real estate can appeal to a wide audience through eye catching photography. Even so, the world of real estate has been slow to catch on. 

If you use the "realtor" hashtag on Instagram, you won't even see 100,000 posts. While you may assume that means the platform isn't worth using for real estate, you'd be wrong. It actually means your properties will simply have less competition to worry about! With clever combinations of other local hashtags, you should be able to appeal to a wide array of potential new home buyers. 

Of course, all social media platforms have a sense of etiquette, so its in your best interest to "play by the rules". With that in mind, here are five key approaches you should utilize to make sure your Instagram real estate promotion is as effective as possible. 

 1 - Keep Yourself Out Of The Photos

 You want the home you're selling the be the star of the show. Potential buyers should be able to envision themselves living there. If you find your way into every reflection, it's going to be a major distraction, so use careful angles to avoid this. 

 2 - Clean Up First!

 Make sure every area of the home is organized and cleaned before you take any pictures. No one wants to buy a home that looks "well lived in" or dirty. Go for the "model home" vibe, where buyers can see a blank slate with which to make their own. 

 3 - Enhance Your Photos To Make Them Pop

Instagram hosts your photos of course, but you can use other apps to make the photos pop. This includes cropping things more carefully and even adding text. You can also alter the brightness and sharpness to make sure each photo is as effective as possible. 

4 - Utilize Plenty Of Hashtags

You should make sure not to shy away from hashtags. Make sure you use the appropriate ones rather than spamming random buzzwords however. Hashtags allow your potential buyers to find your photos. They're essentially like powerful search terms, so you need to accommodate every word that applies to the home in question. Some obvious examples include words such as "house", "home", "real estate", "homes for sale", and anything relevant to the local area you're in. Utilsing these hashtags and a tool such as Instamacro can really help increase visibility on almost automatic. 

 5 - Use A High Quality Camera With Good Lighting

Although you know you can touch photos up, as mentioned above, you should aim to have the best photos you possibly can right out of the gate. You can make sure of this by using great lighting and a high quality camera. Utilize something like a high end DSLR and move the files onto your phone for upload. Professional grade photography will stick out among the crowd, and also give legitimacy to your sales. People will also be more likely to share pictures of high quality with others.