Tips For Organising Your Office Secret Santa!

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By Simon / Published by Simon
At this time of year, as a business you might be looking for a few ways to bring the festive cheer into your office; well, look no further. Make your employees days that little bit brighter this Christmas by organising your very own Secret Santa. Not only is it a great way to bring a little bit of fun to your day to day running of the business, it’s also perfect to let colleagues get to know each other that little bit better.

Here, office suppliers Egan Reid run though a few of their top tips on how to organise a successful Secret Santa.

Keep It Secret!

Encouraging your staff to make sure that they keep their chosen name secret is one of the most important things you can do; ensuring people get thoughtful presents whilst maintaining the secret is quite difficult. But there are a few things to help ensure the right gifts are chosen for the right person. Whether you do it the traditional way or online, there are several ways to share interests, and gift ideas. Online versions of name draw software often provide a space that people can anonymously ask for gift ideas and interests!

Names in a Hat or Online?

Whether you do it the traditional way of printing your employees names off and putting in a hat, it’s important to ensure it’s done fairly. Make sure the whole process is communicated to your staff, included the date, the budget and how the names will be chosen.

Doing a Secret Santa the traditional way can be difficult as you need to ensure that everyone involved is in the office during the name draw, as it can become complicated. An alternative to this is to draw names online, an automatic generator can send your colleagues an email allowing them to involve themselves in the group and sign up their convenience, which in an office environment that allow staff to work from home, or with a lot of external meetings can be helpful

Set A Date

Not only will you need to set a date for the actual present swapping, but you also need to organise a previous date to ensure that your staff have enough time to get to the shops and find the perfect gift for their Secret Santa. Setting a date for both the organisation, whether that be the automatic draw online or the names out of a hat, as well as for the present swapping will ensure that your employees remain organised and no one misses out.

Setting a budget is also important, most office Secret Santa’s range from between £5 - £15, it’s a good idea to ask your employees what they feel would be a good amount so you can gauge everyone’s expectations of the Secret Santa.

Gift Exchange

The gift exchange is often best to be done on the same day as some other festivities in your office, maybe the day of the office party? This ensures that everyone is in the Christmas spirit and has the potential to set up a good mood for the office party! Encouraging a much more social atmosphere in the office.

When done correctly, with efficient organisation, Secret Santa has the potential to be a huge success in your office environment, bringing a good level of Christmas cheer to your employees and bringing together your staff.