Tips for Modernizing Your Home by Upgrading Your Living Room

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By Simon / Published by Simon
When most people consider modernizing their home, they imagine this project is going to set them back a small fortune. The truth of the matter is that tackling a project like upgrading your living room can be done on a budget and still produce amazing results.

Consider these five simple and affordable ways to upgrade your living room that won't break the bank.

1. Creating Architectural Details 

Looking to give your living room formal appeal? The trick here to transforming the appearance of the living room is giving the eye focal points that are clean, sharp, and uniform. These supplies can be picked up at your local home center, and with a fresh coat of paint will create a room that is inviting and formal. Trim, crown molding, and wainscoting perfect for adding just the right dimension to the walls. 

2. Updating the Living Room Ceiling 

Consider creating a coffered ceiling to add architectural detail and elegance to your living room. Once installed, you can section off areas with recessed can-lights to highlight a fireplace, entertainment center, or bookcase. Ambient lighting installed in these sections of the ceiling creates the appearance the entire living room is larger. Dimmer switches allow you to add just the right amount of light throughout the room. 

3. Putting Your Memories on Display 

Choose one or all the walls in the living room and create your very own museum or art gallery. Gallery walls are all the rage this year, and they give you the opportunity to turn a blank canvas into a place to showcase your photographs, playbills, souvenirs, concert tickets, and artwork. Purchase frames of different sizes but the same color, then arrange in a unique pattern and create a diary of your life. Rather than tell your guests about things you've done, they can see it for themselves on the walls of the living room. 

4. Creating Natural Style 

Install natural look flooring to instantly transform the look of the living room. Hardwood can be expensive so look for more affordable options like vinyl or laminate flooring. Not only is luxurious vinyl flooring a breeze to install, the surface of the flooring is more durable than real hardwood, it retains its look for years, and is easy to keep clean. Once your old carpeting or flooring is removed, the new planks will fit perfectly in place and butt up cleanly to crown molding along the floor. Available in different shades, you should have little trouble matching your furniture and window treatment to your new flooring. If you are on the fence about vinyl flooring, you can check out an article on the pros and cons of vinyl flooring by clicking here

5. Re-Purpose those Antiques

Garage sales or consignment shops are a great place to find one-of-a-kind antiques. Perhaps you found a long wooden antique bench that you just have to own. Saw it in half and that old deacon's bench can be bolted to the walls on each side of your couch to create stunning new matching end tables. Turn that old steamer trunk into a coffee table, or antique navigation maps into framed pieces of artwork. 

These five tips for upgrading your living room are ideal for the weekend-warrior and will give the room a fresh new look and feel. Each project will become the focal point of the living room by drawing in the eye and transforming the overall feel for the location.