Time-Lapse Prefab

An interesting project I didn't mention in the magazine is their Harvard Yard Childcare Building, which was a design-build collaboration with Triumph Modular. It opened earlier this year on Harvard's campus. For eighteen months, this 5,700-square-foot modular building will first house the Harvard Yard Child Care Center, and then the Oxford Street Daycare Cooperative, while their permanent locations are being renovated. Later the modules will be transported elsewhere and transformed into green school buildings or classrooms.

Here's some additional information about the project and the priorities and design process behind it:



And in related news, here's a time-lapse video showing another Triumph Modular project come together—a 35,000-square-foot temporary modular classroom complex installed in Needham, Massachusetts in just 60 days. Pretty amazing to see—a kind of futuristic-looking insta-architecture.


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