THX-Certified Door Reins in the Home Theater Noise

THX-Certified Door Reins in the Home Theater Noise

That 10.2 channel receiver you just snagged may give you the audio equivalent of an IMAX experience in your living room, but chances are your neighbors don’t share the same level of enthusiasm for your new sound system.

That’s exactly where Serious Materials’ QuietHome doors come into play. While your standard home/apartment door offers up relatively feeble sonic resistance (they’re often hollow and thin), QuietHome doors are prodigious sound dampeners, keeping everything from car chases to explosions well within the confines of your living room. In fact, the doors are so good at keeping noise at bay, they’ve been given official THX certification.

The QuietHome door’s secret to sound squashing is multiple layer construction combined with viscoelastic polymers, a combination that Serious Materials says will reduce noise by up to 85 percent.
And if you’re really serious about sound proofing your room, you can even combine two of the doors back to back, separated by a three-foot air gap. 

The cheaper version of door retails for about $1,500, but if you’re truly a movie and music buff, your neighbor may in fact be willing to subsidize that cost.


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