Three Things to Consider if You Endure a Personal Injury on Someone Elses Property

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Accidents and injuries are common, and they can occur anywhere. In many cases, these accidents occur in public places or in your own home, but there are also times when they happen on another person’s property. In some cases, the property owner may even be to blame because of an intentional or negligent action. An accident can result in moderate to serious injury, and you may be facing medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. If you have recently been injured on someone else’s property, review these steps to determine if you need to take action.

Consider the Financial Impact to You

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is always an option if you are injured on someone else’s property, but this can be a lengthy process without guaranteed results. Before you walk down this road, it is important to determine if the end result is worth pursuing. Take time to analyze the impact that the event had on your life. You can tally up the total expenses you endured as a result of the event, including medical bills, therapy, lost wages and other expenses.

Keep in mind that the court may also place a monetary value on pain and suffering. If you have documented your pain and suffering, such as by speaking with your doctor numerous times at different appointments about your pain level, you may be able to obtain funds for this as well.

Talk to the Property Owner About Their Insurance or Ability to Pay

In many cases, a property owner is willing to pay for your expenses without the need to file a lawsuit. You may talk to the property owner about the events and request payment. Some will pay out of their own pocket. Others will file a claim against their property insurance in order to pay for your expenses.

Keep in mind that your own insurance policy may also pay for some expenses. For example, your health insurance may pay for a portion of your legal fees. However, most health insurance policies still require you to pay a hefty portion out of your own pocket.

Seek Legal Assistance

In an ideal situation, the majority of your expenses will be paid by your health insurance and by the property owner. However, there are also instances when the outcome is not desirable. For example, you may not have health insurance, or the property owner may not have property insurance.

In some cases, the insurance companies will not pay, or the property owner is fighting back against you stating that the accident was your own fault. When such issues happen, you may face a mounting stack of bills with no ability to pay for them. You can research your options through as a first step.

Personal injury law does allow you to seek financial compensation in court when you have been injured on another person’s property and specifically when the property owner was at fault due to negligent or intentional actions.

A personal injury event can be devastating in many ways. You understandably may be feeling significant pain from the injury, but you may also be stressed out about the financial impact of the event on your personal finances. 

Insurance is one of the most common ways people pay for these types of injuries, but the unfortunate reality is that this is not always a feasible option. There may be instances when individuals need to fight for the compensation they are entitled to under the law through a lawsuit. 

You can easily speak with a personal injury legal team today to learn more about your rights and options. 

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