This Tiny Trailer Home Boasts Soothing Beach Vibes

This Tiny Trailer Home Boasts Soothing Beach Vibes

By Michele Koh Morollo
Inspired by the calming sea, an Oregon–based builder crafts a beach-inspired tiny home trailer and sells it within a month of listing for $72,500.

Within a month of listing their latest project on the market, the talented team behind Handcrafted Movement has sold yet another adorable micro dwelling. Also known as the Coastal Craftsman, the 238-square-foot home has been purchased by a San Francisco couple for $72,500. 

The tiny home rests upon a 28’ x 8.5’ Iron Eagle Tiny House Trailer with three 7K axles, trailer brakes, and road lighting. It has board and batten siding with Pacific Cedar accents, a standing seam metal roof, and a glass exterior door.

The couple—Christina Nicholson and Matthew Hartford—will set up the transportable trailer on their 200-acre ranch in Pacifica, California, and plan to use it as a weekend retreat and holiday home. 

To one side of the entrance door is a large, light blue, lounge-style sofa bed.

To create the mobile dwelling, Matt Impola, the founder of Handcrafted Movement, used a 28’ x 8.5’ Iron Eagle Tiny House Trailer with three 7K axles for the base. He then framed the walls and inserted his own custom roof trusses.

The dining table was made with Oregon–sourced, salvage walnut wood.

"I built much of the tiny home components—the exterior shutters, kitchen cabinets, bathroom doors, stairs, electric fireplace, television cabinet, coffee counter, dining table, etc.—from scratch, and had two production assistants help me assemble and finish all them," says Impola. 

Impola and his team used wideplank distressed oak for the floors inside the home.

"I've seen too many tiny homes with minuscule couches that will not realistically be comfortable for very long, so it’s important for me to be able to fit full-size furniture in every tiny home I build," he explains. 

The light blue sofa bed has been purchased from IKEA.

A study desk and a dining nook—both built next to large windows—are located in the midsection of the house. From the dining nook, a set of stairs leads to the sleeping loft which can accommodate a king size bed. 

The sleeping loft is large enough to accommodate a king size bed, if desired.

Because the energy-efficient house is equipped with Roxul, rockwool insulation, energy-star windows, LED lighting, an instant water heater, and a propane oven and cooker, the monthly electrical bills should only typically range from $12 to $25 per month. 

Built into the wall near the sofa bed is an electric fireplace with a smart television above it.

"With ten windows evenly distributed around this tiny home, the owners can enjoy plenty of natural light throughout the day," states Impola. "The abundant use of reclaimed wood, as well as unique textures such as concrete, give the interior a warm, welcoming feel, and reminds you that this isn't a mass-produced RV or travel trailer." 

The study desk and chair were vintage finds.

The bathroom fits a shower, vanity with roll out drawers, porcelain toilet, and hookups for a washer/dryer combination unit, as well as storage.

The bathroom is located at the back of the house.

Handcrafted Movement doesn't take custom orders at this time, as Impola prefers to build the tiny homes speculatively to allow himself full creative freedom. However, you can keep an eye out for any new tiny homes for sale by visiting the company's website.


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