This New Jewelry Showroom Celebrates 'Made in L.A.' From Top to Bottom

This New Jewelry Showroom Celebrates 'Made in L.A.' From Top to Bottom

By Paige Alexus / Published by Paige Alexus
Grace Lee’s new jewelry showroom in Downtown Los Angeles brings together an assemblage of local talent.

To create her first DTLA showroom, she turned to Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz of the local studio Early Work. She was attracted to their experience in creating unique, custom spatial identities for retail, hospitality, and corporate clients. They started with Lee’s empty 850-square-foot loft and began the process of planning out a space that would allow her to showcase her locally-crafted work and to be able to invite people in for private appointments. 

The length of the space originally housed a built-in kitchen, which the team had to figure out how to get around without changing or adding anything structurally. After they spent time watching Lee interact with her customers, they figured out a way to set up a free-flowing space that would enhance the brand experience. To do this, they divided the loft into four connected sections—a showroom space, lounge, private office, and a custom appointment area. They also designed bespoke furniture, displays, lighting, and decorative elements, all of which were fabricated in L.A.  

Take a tour through the showroom below, and check out the Everyday Carry that we did with Jung and Hurewitz here.

The custom appointment desk was designed and built with a single bent sheet of aluminum, lacquered MDF, marble, and white oak. The floor-to-ceiling white curtain hides the built-in kitchen that was part of Lee's loft from the beginning.

Shown here is the lounge/waiting area where customers can make themselves at home when they first enter. Early Work’s co-founder and artist Mimi Jung created the woven artwork that hovers over the space.

Jung and Hurewitz designed the custom angular glass and oiled oak coffee table, and set it next to a pair of vintage chairs. The round hand-turned walnut mirrors on the table were also custom produced and provide a space to showcase Lee’s jewelry. 

Also in the lounge/waiting area sits rounded metal planters that are part of Early Work’s product line. Throughout the space are versions in both a high polished mirror finish (shown here) and a textured powder-coated finish.

Lee’s jewelry is contained in bespoke polished brass and white oak displays. The interior is lined with traditional linen jewelry holders.

This particular display includes marble trays and mirrors that flip up while concealing ring sizers and additional inventory.

They affixed a chunk of Mountain Calcutta marble to a wall-mounted mirror to hold jewelry during fittings.

Above Lee’s custom desk hangs three matte black Drop Light Pendants that were designed by Early Work. 

As the duo’s first experiment with lighting design, each pendant was spun by hand in L.A. and has a custom perforated pattern that allows light to shine through.


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