Each of the sliding trays in Pozner’s tidy office desk serves a different function.  Photo 7 of 12 in The Manhattan Transformation
Borowski took what he archly calls the “Karl Rove approach” to the redesign: “Find the weaknesses and turn them into strengths.” A case in point: Pozner’s ubiquitous piles of paperwork. “These led us to design multiple sliding desktops,” fabricated by Paul Chung of New York Construction Associates and Supreme General Construction, with multiple sliding trays he could spread his papers out on.  Photo 9 of 12 in The Manhattan Transformation
“The most important thing to do in a small space is exploratory demolition,” Pozner says. “We found all that height in the bathroom ceiling. There are giant cabinets above the bed—we found all that space. This facilitated architect Darrick Borowski’s small-space rallying cry: “Built-ins, built-ins, built-ins!” Tagged: Kitchen, Wood Cabinet, and Ceramic Tile Backsplashe.  Photo 8 of 12 in The Manhattan Transformation
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