The Making of a Modern Sustainable Boutique

The Making of a Modern Sustainable Boutique

Streetwear blogs have been keeping tabs on developments with the new sustainably sourced and delightfully wooden Stussy shop in Vancouver, but design aficionados will be just as curious to learn about the new store, which opened its doors just this past Saturday.
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Designed by Willo Perron of Eskimo Design and lovingly photographed by André Pinces, the progress of owner Matt George’s Stussy shop is currently on display in the store—and online —alongside whatever hoodies and wallets coolhunters might covet.

"We started the project eight months ago," George tells me.  "We followed the wood from natural new growth forest to store fixture."  Though Eskimo Design put the whole place together, George is most apt to rhapsodize about the eco-friendly elements of his new retail space: "Anybody we spoke to from the mill workers to the lumberjacks had very similar strong ideas on the importance of instilling sustainability in the minds and hearts of consumers at all levels. They loved the idea of showing the public what goes into furniture. Forest to final product. Should make everyone think about how precious our forests are and how they need to taken care of.  This project only used local made and milled products that had to travel less than 120 kms to their final resting place. Beyond this we made sure the farming process where the tress where being cut from was healthy, non-destructive to the surrounding environment and with a company that has a positive reputation."

I’m particularly impressed with Pince’s photography, which manages to capture the staggering beauty of British Columbian forests, the might of the logging industry and the slick rugged vibe of the new shop while still keeping wood front and center.


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