The horrible closet

By K. Pearson Brown / Published by K. Pearson Brown
Where, oh where is my...?

The closets of our 1930's Spanish style duplex in Los Angeles were as small as the people of the age.  Evidently, people of the era were not only physically diminutive, they didn't have very large wardrobes.  So when trying to fit the clothes of a modern 7 year-old boy into his closet, the result was clothes crammed together on a sagging rod, wall hooks over loaded with hats, belts, and backpacks, and piles of shoes on the floor along with random toys and sports gear.  Add dim lighting and you have a thoroughly unmanageable closet that explains why months I would find new clothes, still sporting price tags, hidden in the back of the closet, months after he had outgrown them.

The solution was obvious.  This closet needed a modern makeover.  

Designer Baiyina Hugely came up with a plan to declutter the closet and make it more functional. 

 With the help of a consultant at WoodTrac, Hugley assembled the ideal closet with cabinets, drawers and cubby spaces suited for clothes, shoes, hats, and the odds and ends that a typical school-age boy collects. The installation of the closet took about a half day with two skilled handymen. The transformation was remarkable as the jumbled storage space became an orderly and even inviting space, complete with custom-framed wildlife artwork from and dog-tail clothing hooks (IKEA, $2.99 each). 

While this was not an inexpensive solution, totally about $2,800, including materials, paint, and labor it was well worth it.  Now the snakes and snails will be much easier to find.

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The finished product.  

The finished product.