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By Kristen W. Terry / Published by Dwell
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Consultations are back at Dwell on Design this year! Our free, no-commitment consultations are the perfect time to ask architects, designers, and landscape designers for their professional opinions on your dream renovation, problematic room design, or planting conundrum. Our partners—the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Architecture for Humanity, and the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)—will be hosting the consultations. Top Dwell editors will also be onhand for the Editor Is In—one-on-one, onsite portfolio reviews.

The Designer Is In will include consultations with ASID designers such as Darla Blake, Susan Corry, siblings Sevak and Grace Karabachian, Maude MacGillivray, and Kim Nadel. The Karabachians are happy to be participating because their life, says Grace Karabachian, "revolves around design." Blake has been a professional interior designer for over 20 years, and insists "design is fun and there are no silly questions." MacGillivray suggests that clients bring "pictures of their space, photos of things they like, and a floor plan would be good, too." Nadel teases that dark chocolate wouldn’t hurt, either!

Architects Ellen Lanet and Diane Waingrow, among others, will be a part of the Architect Is In this year, courtesy of Architecture for Humanity. Lanet likes that Dwell on Design visitors "appreciate the natural attributes of Los Angeles to utilize our excellent quality of light, great climate for indoor/outdoor integration, and sustainable components that uniquely enhance local design," all of which she often employs in her work. Waingrow is passionate about modern design, and believes that her experience in custom residential architecture may allow her to "help homeowners find direction in a short conversation about their current home."

Designer Is In consult Fariba Haiem's sketch for a Venice live-work loft.

Designer Is In consult Fariba Haiem's sketch for a Venice live-work loft.

Landscaper Is In consultations, sponsored by FermobUSA, will include APLD members Marlene Breen and Natalie Cousins-Robeledo, among others. Breene appreciates that by donating a few hours of her time, she is able to give back to APLD and the L.A. community. Cousins-Robeledo says that although a site plan or scaled drawing would be ideal, it is definitely helpful if visitors bring several photographs of the area "taken at different angles" as well as pictures of "things they’ve seen that they really liked or things that they really didn’t like!" Other consultants include Shawn Maestretti, Linda McKendry, and Tom Stout.

Dwell Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron and Deputy Editors Aaron Britt and Jaime Gillin will host the Editor Is In all three days at Dwell on Design. Bring your portfolio or a specific project—digital or hard copy—and your questions on getting your work published to the portfolio reviews, which will take place in the Dwell Bookstore by Skylight Books, Friday through Sunday from 1-3 pm. First come, first served.

Remember, sessions are free and last 25 minutes each. For the architecture, design, and landscape consultations, appointments must be scheduled online, in advance, and for all consultations, you will need a Dwell on Design pass to access the show floor. More information can be found here; to schedule appointments, see each discipline’s respective page.

This article was originally published on May 29, 2013 on our sister site, Dwell on Design.

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