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Look no further than San Francisco–based Petel for unique and colorful throw pillows, tote bags, and accessories crafted from hand-woven African textiles. The brainchild of husband-and-wife team Julie and Ibrahima Wagne, Petel aims to continue the weaving tradition of the Fulani, the tribe of Mauritania-born Ibrahima.
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"The textiles are one of the most expensive items a Fulani could own. When Ibrahima told me that the tradition is dying, as the younger generation is not learning how to weave, since it is time consuming and labor-intensive, I immediately thought that we could do something to re-ignite it by creating a market for the textiles outside of West Africa," says Julie of how her company got off the ground.

Striped pillow by Petel ($150).

Photos by Sven Wiederholt.

"Our goal is to use Petel’s profits to create a training program for younger Fulani artists interested in textile art. If the younger generation of Fulani see ancillary value in their traditional textiles, the methods will be preserved," says Julie. "It is our dream that this 'little spark' will ignite a fire of hope, inspiration and self-sufficiency among the Fulani in Mauritania."

Zip pouch by Petel ($36).


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