TENS Units: What You Must Know Before Buying

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By Arefin Rabby / Published by Arefin Rabby

TENS units, what are they? These are nerve stimulation devices. Many people commonly refer to them as TENS while in the real sense they are called the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit (TENS). TENS are great in sending electrical signals that helps to relieve pain from the body. Here are some of the most important facts that you must know about best Tens unit machine. 

Tens use electrical signals to relieve body pain. The electrical signals are normally conveyed through the use of body patches (almost the same replicas as the nicotine patches). The patches are stuck on your skin and will help to stimulate the nerves under your skin. TENS come in many different brands and with many accessories that you must use if you need maximum results.

There are a number of modes that a comprehensive transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit can provide. While they may not all come in one set, they could come as a combination of two options or more. In all they will include a number of functions such as toning, general nerve firming, and pain relief among other things. You must therefore consider the basic benefits before buying a TENS machine. 

Tens machines also come in various types to choose from. Depending on their core operational systems, TENS units will come in combinations or independent units of the following versions: handheld units, mini units, or like I mentioned a combination of both. This is often the best starting section for any starters that intend to buy a new TENS machine for their home use. 

Tens units also come for various body sections. You will find the best tens unit for a number of your body parts. Some of the most common sections that many of the top Tens reviews have focused on include, best tens units for neck pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and more. In fact the Lifetime Warranty FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit has been singled out for neck pains. 

For brand oriented persons. You can always choose by brand names. There are a number of brand names to choose from. However you should first talk to your loved ones, other experts, and probably read online reviews to find the best units for your use. Going by brand names, reviews, references, and ratings have always worked for me every time I choose a product online. 

Every Tens unit that you use must also be FDA approved. In case you find a unit that is not FDA approved, chances are you will be going in with the wrong machine. In case you want a machine that’s great for your health. Looking for an FDA approved machines should be at the top of your list. 


 The best tens unit should be easy to use, maintain, and take care of. You don’t want complicated machine that will force you to refer to the user manual every morning. In fact looking for an affordable one is also a great advice.