Temporarily Styling Your Home for The Holidays

Temporarily Styling Your Home for The Holidays

By Lucas Spears
Give your guests an unforgettable experience this holiday season by choosing one of the detailed interior designs to style your home with for the holidays.

The holiday season is a time to welcome friends and family from afar into your home to partake in the festivities of the holidays. A spike in foot traffic necessitates cleaning up your home and decking it out in a seasonal style. The cleaning part’s easy, but when it comes to selecting a style you’ve got a myriad of designs to choose from. 

Country Chic 

Country chic combines a number of natural elements to bridge the divide between the outdoors and in. Use colourful flowers to add a little life to the grey season. Distressed wooden pieces that may have been lying around in the attic or the basement can be varnished and given new life as they take centre stage in your living or dining room. Set your home alight with elegant mantelpiece candles. 

Romantic Elegance

 Channel that inner Disney romantic and style your home in such a way that even Cinderella would be jealous. Bedeck your home with white lilies and roses to give your house a sexy yet uncanny look. Try to use white and red highlights in all of your decorative pieces. Cover up your dining room table with a long white tablecloth that drapes over the ends of the table. Use transparent glasses and tableware that sport ornate designs. 

Nostalgia Takeover 

Most likely you have a trunk full of your child’s artwork. If this be the case, unlock the latch and dress your home up in your child’s art. No doubt while in school your child was taught to make snowflakes out of paper and how to draw a snowman. If your maternal heart couldn’t bear to throw them away, you’ll have a whole arsenal of holiday themed pieces of art to hang from the walls of your home. 

 Nordic Christmas 

A Nordic Christmas styled home has all the classic ornaments. Reindeer, pine trees, and Christmas lights could all be decorative pieces if you choose a Nordic themed interior design. Adorn your front door with a wreath and hang a couple mistletoes from entryways. _________________________________________________________________________ 


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