This Hip Austin Home Is Strategically Connected to its Vibrant Neighborhood

This Hip Austin Home Is Strategically Connected to its Vibrant Neighborhood

Edgy and functional, a home in the heart of Austin is punctuated by expansive windows and doors from Marvin.
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With an empty lot in the center of Austin, Texas, developer duo Steven Radke and Ryan Vinson joined forces with Dick Clark + Associates to design an exciting, modern residence worthy of the vibrant neighborhood it was injected into. The most critical appeal of the urban infill project was the "Austin-centric" location. The Zilker neighborhood, in the heart of Austin, embodies the true spirit of the city—it is bikeable to downtown, and walkable to Zilker park and music festivals. "Austin," reflects Radke, "is a town on the forefront of technology with a culture that is very intellectual. Residents embrace individuality, and want to make their own statement—much the same as modern architecture." Curating a home that would fit into the fabric of this dynamic neighborhood was the fundamental objective of Vinson and Radke. From the beginning, they dedicated a deep personal commitment to the project, adopting an "owner’s mentality" by thinking intimately and personally about what they would value in a home if they were to move in. They felt it was valuable to respond not only to the neighborhood as it exists now, but also to the direction it is moving towards. 

The home, built with clear midcentury-modern influences, integrated versatile Marvin windows and doors to complement the clean lines and warmth of design. The contemporary Marvin products were used not just to introduce natural light, but also to wash a ceiling or wall, capturing the warmth of that light throughout the interior space. "Since the spaces we build...are smaller," says Radke, "light becomes a critical factor in how those spaces interact with the people in them." Marvin Direct Glaze Rectangles, Corner Windows, Ultimate Inswing French Doors, and Multi-Slide Doors were integrated into the design, all with Ebony exterior cladding. The Marvin Multi-Slide Doors span an impressive 32 feet separating the living room and backyard. The three-panel door assemblies minimize sight lines and frames, while maximizing unobstructed glass. The doors can be opened to double the usable living area of the home, and closed for privacy and separation, while still maintaining the visual connection to the outdoors. Chosen for their quality, flexibility, and aesthetics, Marvin windows and doors helped create living spaces that were generous and comfortable—spaces where people would want to, simply, enjoy life in.


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