Switchboard and Their Significance

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By David Fenton / Published by David Fenton
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In modern electrical and home wiring system, switchboards are considered to be a crucial part of the whole setup. There was a time when fuse boxes were installed in homes and they can be still found in some of the older homes. These days, the new homes get circuit breakers instead of fuses and these are attached to the switchboard. The older homes that are still having the fuses need to go through a complete process of renovation and install switchboard so that you can have a safe wiring system. 

                                                                             Switchboard Upgrade

                                                                             Switchboard Upgrade

Versatile selection 

The modern switchboards are available in a wide range of different designs. These switchboards can be surface or flush mounted, their doors can be completely opaque or transparent. Latest switchboards also differ in terms of their height and size. It is the width of the switchboards that determine the number of circuit breakers that can be installed in it. During the time of a switchboard upgrade or installing, the electrician in charge will need to take into consideration the present wiring system which exists and any requirement that might arise for more circuits along the switchboard’s location. 

What to look for? 

While buying a switchboard, it is important to make sure that it has been manufactured by complying with all the regulatory standards. It is recommended to buy switchboards from reputed manufacturers. The process of testing and installing the operation is more or less the same; however, the time and efforts varies from product to product. While installing a switchboard upgrade, it is always advisable to get in touch with an experienced and expert electrician to get a complete idea about what you are getting into. 

Why it is important to a  switchboard upgrade? 

There are various benefits which switch boards have to offer over fuses. In normal circumstances a fixed amount of current flows through the wires. Whenever there is any kind of fault, the current flow increases and this also increases the rated limit. Due to the increase in the flow of current, the electrical appliances and devices installed in the house can get damaged. In order to make sure that your electrical appliances are protected from this sudden increase in flow of current, you need to keep this in check. This is where the switchboards come into the picture. They detect the excess current and immediately the circuit is broken. Switch boards come with a knob, whenever there is an excess flow of current and the circuit is broken, this knob is tripped. Earlier, it was done by fuse; however, these days, the switchboards are used most commonly in the electrical networks which has low voltage network. 

Here are some of the benefits of switch boards over fuse 

  • More Sensitive: Switchboards are much more sensitive than the fuse. They are capable of detecting any sort of abnormality in the current flow and immediately ensure that the electrical circuit is turned off. 
  • Easy Identification of Faulty Zone: In case there is a faulty circuit, the circuit is tripped off. In case of a fuse, the entire fuse had to be checked by opening the fuse in order to detect the faulty zone. 
  • Easy to Resume Supply: When there is a need to resume the supply, all that you need to do is to turn on the knob. However, in case of a fuse, the entire wire of the fuse had to be replaced. 

Apart from these, there are many other reasons which have made switchboards more effective than traditional fuse.