Summery Vodka Cocktails

Summery Vodka Cocktails

By Imbibe
Vodka cocktails sometimes get a bad rap, but some refreshing drinks showcase the clear spirit beautifully.

Here are 10 of our favorite vodka cocktail recipes. For more ideas, head to  Photo by Andrew Cebulka.

Albra CocktailFresh mint syrup adds an herbal edge to this cocktail, and a splash of Cynar lends a layer of earthiness. 

April in ParisA bouquet of sweetly floral and herbal flavors fill this summery highball. 

Basil DaisyBasil makes this cooler from Charleston super fresh. 

Cocchi Cobbler: This cobbler is all about the garnishes, so feel free to take yours over the top. 

Harvey Wallbanger: An essential drink of the ’70s disco and fern-bar era, this drink was made for summer sipping. 

Jam Bramble: This recipe is as adaptable as cocktails get—mix in whichever spirit and jam you have on hand, then adjust the sweetness to taste. 

Moscow Mule: One of the most famous classic vodka cocktails, the Moscow Mule is the definition of refreshing with snappy ginger beer and a squeeze of lime. 

Old Town Punch: A crowd-pleasing combo of elderflower, Aperol, lemon and vodka. 

Peach Tea Lemonade: Sweet peach purée blends well with the dark, tannic notes of black tea in this grown-up lemonade.

TV Party: Black cherry soda gives this spunky vodka cocktail it’s dark red hue.

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