Stockholm: New from Gärsnäs

Stockholm: New from Gärsnäs

By Tiffany Orvet
Last year the venerable Swedish furniture makers Gärsnäs showed us they could bring fashion to furniture with Pierre Sindre’s collared Button chair, Anna von Schewen’s bunched Dress chair, and the prototype of Nina Jobs’ quilted Kvilt chair. This year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, they proved they were committed.

Pierre Sindre’s Button II chair, another new piece debuting at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week, makes long meetings easier with its new cushioned seat.

The just-released Dress sofa, by designer Anna von Schewen.

The Dress sofa features a delicately pleated back.

Designer Anna von Schewen, seated on her Dress sofa.

After a two-year development process, the Kvilt chair and sofa are now in production. Depending on the kind of textiles or leathers and quilting pattern chosen, the line can vary significantly from piece to piece.  And with their removable covers, trendsetters can even change up their look with the season.

The Button chair has grown up into Button II, a more dapper and sophisticated (not to mention more comfortable) version of the one that debuted last year. The 2010 model trades the bare ash seat for cushioned upholstery in fabric or leather.  The molded felt armrests (thank goodness) are the same.

The biggest and most welcome evolution is in Anna von Schewen’s Dress range.  Anna has done a lot of work for Gärsnäs in the past, and I think this might be the furniture company’s own special way of giving back.  They’ve given her a lovely little sofa-for-two to try her dress on, and it seems a perfect fit.

Anna’s attention was initially drawn to the back of her chairs and sofas when she realized that this was the side we actually see them from most.  The pleated embellishment was a nod to the feminine folds of a dress.  Anna wanted the folds to collect the light in a luxurious way, so she chose smooth matte fabrics for the backs of the pieces that would collect and soften the light.

Anna pointed out how the back of the sofa also makes a great room divider.  I myself was admiring the protected nook under the seat.  A safe haven from sneaky purse bandits looking to make off with your new Kate Spade. Perfect.

Gärsnäs distributes through ICF in the US.

Debuting at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair, the Kvilt chair by Nina Jobs has gone from prototype to production, complete with removable cover.

Designer Anna von Schewen put special attention into the materials used on the front and back of the sofa. The front is for comfort, the back for display.


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