A Creative Duo Turns a Sprinter Van Into a Dream Home For $23K

A Creative Duo Turns a Sprinter Van Into a Dream Home For $23K

By Anna Squier
We catch up with Lexi and Cody—the “van-trepreneurs” behind Dynamo Ultima—on life in their new and improved sprinter van.

For two years, this dynamic duo has traveled to some of the world's most beautiful places while running a successful creative business from the road. Having recently completed their second DIY conversion, Lexi and Cody continue to embrace the trials, tribulations, and joys of van life, giving the concept of an "open office" a whole new meaning. 

Being able to work from anywhere allows the couple to purse their creative dreams wherever the road may take them.

Serving as both home and workspace, the new van fully supports the lifestyle of these traveling nomads with improved efficiency, comfort, and space. Taking lessons from their previous design, the duo converted a typical van into a modern retreat on wheels in just three months with $23,000.

The duo continues to embrace the freedom of life on the road. From coast to coast, sea to mountains, park to park, the adventure is endless.

The new van is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 XD 4x4. The vehicle’s off-road capability allows the couple to travel over any terrain with no concerns.

The van's 170" wheelbase provides space for working, storage, cooking, sleeping, and even bathing. There is plenty of room for the couple's mountain bikes, snowboards, and hiking gear. Even their dog Zero has his own bedroom with heating and cooling. 

Unique, wall-mounted steps provide easy access to the raised bed.

A roof-mounted suncatcher fills the space with daylight. Built-in cupboards provide storage for personal belongings.

Sleeping in the bedroom feels like camping in the great outdoors. The van’s comfort, warmth, and protection provide a first-rate glamping experience.

A dream catcher, memory foam mattress, and down comforter make the van truly feel like home.

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Thanks to sustainable systems integrated into the design, the couple can go off-grid for weeks at a time. Solar panels attached to rails on the roof provide electricity. Diesel heating, high-speed internet, and a shower minimize the need for stops at roadside rest areas and Starbucks. The new van has all the luxuries and comforts of home, with the necessities of an office.

Adequate work space is a must for the entrepreneurial duo. Bench seating and a swivel table provide a compact solution. Overhead cubbies and bench storage provide space for the couple's cameras and equipment. A curtain provides privacy when focus time is needed.

A lucky cat pillow from Urban Outfitters and a striped body pillow introduce color and personal style into the space.

Located in the center of the van, the kitchen divides the sleeping space from the dining/work area. A butcher block countertop, large farm-style sink, matte black faucet, and patterned floor tile provide a modern take on a galley kitchen.

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Want to give van life a try? Lexi and Cody created a manual with all the information you need to transform your own sprinter van into a traveling home and office on wheels. To purchase the manual and learn more about Lexi and Cody, check out their website here.


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