Sprint: Osca

Sprint: Osca

By adam kortlever
Release Notes for our Dwell Beta Development Sprint: "Osca "

I am stoked to announce that Sprint Osca has concluded and the release is live and ready for you to test drive. This was a heavy sprint for all of the teams and a lot got done. Some of the features you can expect to see on the site:

  • New Feed Filters - We're testing out three filters on the home page feed to give you quick access to featured Dwell content, curated community content, and latest content from those you are following.
  • @Mentions -  Now you can directly mention someone in comments on stories, collections or photos, and they will get notified.
  • PNG File Support-  Go ahead and upload your .PNG files now. 
  • Story Photo Confirmation Screens - New prompt to save/delete a photo uploaded in the body of the story.
  • Add Photos to Stories via Search- Added ability to search for photos to add to your story within the story editor. Access over a hundred thousand images to add to any story. The original caption will be inserted as well, but you can change it to suit your editorial needs. 
  • New Marketing Page - A starting point for our new marketing and company pages. More to come.
  • Pagination on Favorites - Now you can see all the content you've favorited. 
  • Change Email - Ability to change the email account associated with your account. 

Bug Fixes

Many bug fixes went out with this release, mostly stuff for publishers who create stories. Here are a few more notable fixes:

  • Editor Add Text - No more need to click twice in Story Editor to start typing .
  •  Disabled states for inline text-editor toolbar- easier to see what options are not available when editing.
  • Improved feed functionality for main title card. Now latest story pushed into the feed will be featured in the main title card.

  • Reset password bugs fixed. 

Known Issues

We have made some great strides in this sprint, but we are aware there still bugs (we're in Beta).  Some of the many bugs and improvements that are still being addressed:

  •  Notifications - bug fixes and improved features 
  • Mobile web - we're on this, and things will start to look better and work better on your phone and tablet soon.
  • Story and Collection commenting UI unfinished.
  • Positioning of Hero Image - soon you'll be able to move the cover image on your profile and the hero image in stories.
  • Stories List view  - it's hard to see all the stories you have permission to edit. This is being worked on now.
  • Search optimization 

-- Adam

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