Spin the Globe: 5 Design Events this Week
By Olivia Martin / Published by Dwell

Eileen Gray at Le Centre Pompidou
Opens February 20, 2013
Over 70 years of furniture, photographs, canvases, and collages demonstrate Eileen Gray’s scope and devotion to modernism. The iconic Centre Pompidou by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers is a Parisian must-see as well.


Atlas of an Irish City Exhibition
Oonagh Young Gallery
February 9-21, 2013
Hosted by the Architectural Association of Ireland, this exhibition features an architectural survey of Galway and explores the future of city planning with students of Studio Tom Emerson at the ETH Zurich.


#posterart150">Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs
London Transport Museum
February 15-October 2013
A commemoration of the London Underground’s 150th anniversary (Fun fact: it was the world’s first underground railway), this showcase of 150 of the greatest underground posters includes posters by Edward McKnight Kauffer, Paul Nash, and Man Ray, including letterpress posters from the late 19th-century.


Soviet Modernism 1955-1991
Vienna Architecture Center
Ends February 25, 2013
This research project and exhibition captures the shifts in architecture in the 14 non-Russian Soviet republics in the second half of the 20th century, an overlooked era in lieu of Constructionism and Stalinist architecture. As part of the project, scientists worked to interview witnesses during this era, and examined the architectural merits of the structures themselves.


Patti Smith: Camera Solo
Art Gallery of Ontario
February 9-May 19, 2013
Although best known as a musician, Patti Smith began as a visual artist and started taking photos in the late 1960s. This first presentation of Smith’s works in Canada takes an intimate perspective using her photographs, personal objects, and a short film.

Olivia Martin


Olivia Martin is the managing editor at Dwell. Growing up in a 1905 Victorian fostered her love of architecture, design, and unpredictable floorboards. Aside from organizing articles flying around the Dwell office, she can be found wandering in vintage clothing stores or coercing her roommate into various decorating schemes for their apartment.

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